Monday, October 20, 2014

Take Me Now, Lord

Email from sweet, lovely boss:  Can you speak at an NAACP event this weekend about Ebola?

Me:  I can think of things I'd rather do.

Turns out that this "event" is the 2014 State Convention. There are a number of reasons why I don't want to do this, and the least of them is that it's only four days away.


PepperReed said...

Even if it is a major PITA, if you don't speak some Common Science Sense, who will? Go Shay!

Bunnykins said...

Yes. Tell them how many people die every year from the flu, and that you can't get the flu from the flu shot. Maybe you can scare some sense into them. Or how many die from drug interactions or not taking prescription medicine correctly.
Good luck.

Sam said...

Go and scare them silly about the Flu! Show them gory graphics! Yeah, 4 days is not enough time to run away but think about the number of people you can talk into getting a flu shot!

Lady Anne said...

You could try to convince them that Rush Limbaugh is crazy. He claims the President is letting Ebola into the country as a punishment for slavery. Now, THERE's a person who needs a piano dropped on his head. (Rush, not Barrack.)

Bunnykins said...

More ammo: international deaths by communicable diseases latest numbers from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp, aka federal government owned):
Looks like lower respiratory infections followed by AIDS are the winners.

Shay said...

In this country at least, you're quantumly more likely to die of flu (yeah, bunnykins and sam) than of Ebola. By a factor of about 1,000.