Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Tad Slow On The Uptake

It's been snowing since 10am, but Reserve Cat is convinced that if he just nags me long enough I will open the door and all that wet white stuff will have magically disappeared.


Sam said...

Ah, the eternal hope of Spring!
I am with Reserve Cat, I too keep hoping the white stuff is gone when I open the door here in CT. Oh look! Yet another Monday storm!

Bunnykins said...

Oh, I recognize that.
We used to have a cat who would head out the door into the snow, change his mind, and end up with his tail still going out while his head was coming back in.

Every new kitten we get, I dibble their feet in the first snowfall just so they get the idea that snow is cold, wet, and not nearly as much fun as it looks.

Lady Anne said...

Well, if it's snowing out front, surely the back door is clear. No? The window in mom's room, perhaps? The roof might be OK.


Shay said...

Says it all: