Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just Guessing, Mind You

We've already lost cable -- I don't think our Internet connection will stay up much longer.  Even money there won't be school tomorrow.


Bunnykins said...

So beautiful. We have the same here.
I can appreciate it as there's a nice high school boy out shovelling ours, bless his heart.

Sam said...

11" last week, 6" - sleet - 8" more snow on Monday. Had enough.

Lady Anne said...

So far, Baltimore's winter has been COLD and windy, but no major snowstorms - yet. The schools opened two hours late one day because of icy conditions, but that's it. Last year was a horror; they kids missed so much school they had to get a waiver to close before the end of June. I don't know why 180 days is such a magic number, but maybe if they spent less time testing and more time teaching, they wouldn't have to worry about it.