Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life Skills

This was posted in the elevator at DRO headquarters yesterday.

UPDATE:  As I was out-processing, the staff wellness RN said of the above "I though you were probably the one who did that."  This is our third deployment together; she knows me too well.


Sam said...

Reminds me a line I read by Jenny Lawson when fighting with her husband - "I poisoned something in the fridge, Good luck with that" Can you play "find the body"? Snicker.

Lady Anne said...

I'm assuming a "wellness contact" is Governmentese for a "sick visit"? So two weeks into the new year, nobody's gotten ill - you guys are doing a great job!

Shay said...

Ah, but the Red Cross is an NGO!

Basically, no one on the DRO staff has had a reportable accident or reported in sick (although for the past two days the Supply Chief has been coughing her lungs out across the table from me).