Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Matthew 19:14

I received an email this morning, from a relative whose son was adopted from Central America:

The saddest part is that XXX is very aware of the President's plan for a wall and is upset. He feels unwanted and disliked by the president. Where he idolized President Obama because that was the only president he has ever known and he felt they looked alike!  He asked us why the new president doesn't like him, I did a poor job of trying to convince him that the president would love him if he ever met him.


PepperReed said...

:^( This situation is just awful!

Bunnykins said...

It's so very hard to explain prejudice to a child, especially the kind of prejudice you've not experienced yourself. One of our DDs is biracial, and dealing with the daily slights and the hits to her self-worth as well as trying to keep my temper down while really wanting to smack someone silly wasn't fun. I used to tell her that some people weren't raised to see the good in others and that she couldn't live her life accepting their narrow vision - and to tell me if she was ever threatened as mum with big stick would be there. Our Quebec Premier said it best: words can be knives; we have to eliminate those from our speech as we are one people.

Sam said...

Yes, words are knives and they can cut far more deeply than one thinks. I thank my mom for taking her 4 daughters to Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Union Organizing and Gay rights parades and rallies. What can we do? Call our "elected" leaders on bad choices.
Chose to NOT make the same bad choices but to do the opposite. To learn about someone different before making a judgement call. That old adage "don't judge a book by it's cover" rings so true now. How sad.

Patricia Young said...

I am so sad to see the idea of freedom for all that our country has always been known for being tarnished. I hope all our children can be shown that not everyone thinks like the President.