Saturday, April 29, 2017


I would kill for a foot rub right now.


Bunnykins said...

Well, people have been known to soak their feet in the bidet. Hope the weather is good and that you're having a marvellous time!

Lady Anne said...

Bunny, I don't think that's the sort of "sub" she had in mind!

It's funny, though. When we were in England, both of us were dying for a Sprite, which we never drink at home.

Sam said...

Lift them toes high while sipping a lovely wine or two or three.

Lady Anne said...

The first thing I need to do it make *sure* I'm reading what is actually printed.

For some reason, I thought Shay had written she wanted a "foot long sub", instead of a foot rub. Kindly disregard my remark about wanting a Sprite when we were in England.

A week or so ago, I was trying to figure what "flushouts", and why the grocery store was offering them. The garage, yes; the grocery, no. Flu Shots, dummy, FLU shots!

Shay said...

You and my sister and her Saint Iletto, Anne.

Speaking of saints, that's St Sebastian but obviously before the arrows.