Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Compared to Ireland, Brian got off easy.  I visited only two yarn shops.  The first was in Verona, a tiny but memorable shop named after the owner, Jenny Klaer

The selection is amazing for the amount of space she has, and she carries vegetable-dyed merino from Dr Valentina Ferrarini. Why oh why didn't I buy more?

 In a moment of pure serendipity, when I strolled back to the Piazza dei Signori after getting not nearly enough yarn, there was a demonstration of yarn spinning and dying with none other than Dr Ferrarini herself showing off her plants and her process.

The second shop was a chain called Tricot Cafe in Padua, and offered a variety of quilting, knitting, and beadwork supplies.  I resisted temptation too successfully, I'm afraid.  I only got the book.

The bag came from the street market in San Gimignano.  Other than the yarn and some ecclesiastical necessities (rosary from the Vatican for a nephew who is being confirmed, etc), I didn't buy a lot; a couple of cheap scarves from street vendors in Mantua and Florence, the obligatory refrigerator magnets, a tablecloth.

Of all the towns we saw (Rome, Florence, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Florence, Pisa, Mantua, Verona and Venice), I liked Mantua the best only because it seemed such a personable and friendly town.  If it weren't for the cobblestones (original, knobby, extremely difficult to walk on), I could see myself living there. 

UPDATE: The lavender is laceweight 100% merino and is going to be either a stole or a shawl in a lace stitch.  The grey and the variegated are sock yarns and are going to be...socks.  I'm thinking of trying these socks for the grey.

Dr Ferrarini's merino is 200 meters and I have no clue what to make that will not be too plain (ie stockinette) and still show off the color gradations.  I wonder if she does mail order and how much it will run me to order two more skeins. 


Bunnykins said...

Ooh, yummy.

Bunnykins said...

P.S. What's the lavender one, top left, in the first picture? Looks fine and fluffy from here.

Sam said...

yummy yarn! What will you make with them?

Shay said...

See update!

May said...

That looks gorgeous!

Lady Anne said...

Well, whatever the charge for mail order, it'll be cheaper that going back to Italy. Or is that NOT what you're trying to avoid?

Shay said...

No...but I did find a pattern on Ravelry that looks as though it might be suitable in terms of yarn and amount both. I have 200m.

Bunnykins said...

The yarn that Ravelry shawl is made up in looks very similar (from here, anyway.) I do love the subtle colouring of the skein you bought in Italy. So much yarn, so many new techniques, and never, ever enough time. I wonder if they let you take your needles to Heaven to pass the time?
Think I'll try the socks as knee socks as they look like they will stay up.