Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Massacre Of The Innocents

image from Pinterest

Reserve Cat went outside at about 7am and stayed out for ten hours.  He is ignoring his food dish. 

There may be a nexus between this, and the nest of baby bunnies in the side yard.


Bunnykins said...

I usually leave a pile of cut brush in the back corner of the yard. Cleaned out now we're redoing the beds, but will make another one. We're also going to plant the rosa species bushes for hips and thorns and maybe some more blackberries for the thorns that give small creatures a place to hide. We have brown bunnies, chipmunks, the usual squirrels and birds - and a smallish hawk that's bigger than a sparrow hawk. I like to give things a fighting chance, even if he other half isn't keen on hanging bat houses. I figure they eat bugs, and that's just fine by me. He's OK with the rock pile and bare earth for different kinds of bees, but seems a bit freaked by bats.
I love my cats, but not so much when they kill things, esp when they're not in need of a meal, and I'm a sucker for bunnies even if they're pests.

Lady Anne said...

Eddie doesn't much bother with hunting - he's old and lazy; takes after his people, I'm afraid - but when he does kill something, he often manages to get it in the house. Monday, I found the top half of a bunny in the hall, and the bottom half under the dining room table.


Sam said...

Luckily my Maine Coons do not go outside (coyotes in my urban town). So our bunnies have the back yard to roam about. I often have a staring contest when I pull into the drive as to who has to move. Grew up with indoor/outdoor cats and am so over finding "presents" in the house. ICK.

Shay said...

We're keeping the New Kids inside as long as we can. It's pretty hard in summer, though.