Monday, April 2, 2018

A Small Price To Pay

The Visa bill came Saturday.

Although (as you can see by Wednesday's post) I did buy a fair amount of yarn, the real big-ticket item was a cherry-red, crew-necked cashmere sweater.

Although I planned to visit some thrift shops while I was in Scotland I only made it to a handful, and none in Edinburgh. I just ran out of time.  

And wind.  It wasn't that I did so much walking (not nearly as much as in Italy, for example, where one tour member with a Fitbit clocked us at forty-eight miles in eight days), it's just that in Scotland everything is either at the very top or the very bottom of a hill. 


Bunnykins said...

My mother grew up in Edinburgh. She used to tell me that it was built on seven hills, just like Rome and that you needed your woolen underwear and stout shoes to survive there as the damp cold seeped into your bones. As a child, she was one of the countless kids plucked off the side of the cliff under the castle by local police, having gotten part way up and stuck.
Good times. Glad you had a look around. Walking is always the best.

Bunnykins said...

P.S. Is the sweater (yum!) that lovely robin red breast red colour that you can get in the UK but not really anywhere else? Do we get a picture??

Sam said...

Need a picture of this new sweater. As for the visa bill? Ignore it until it actually arrives and then remember all the fun you had as you go over each charge.

Shay said...

I ignore the Visa bill anyway. I live by the adage "I buy - he pays!"