Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Aunt Martha's Workbasket, February 1937

"In this issue of the WORKBASKET you are given cutting guides and directions for 48 different pieced blocks - one for each state."

Also included is the embroidery pattern for Ireland, showing a little girl and a pig.  Ahem.

The PDF is available as a free download at the Antique Pattern Library.


Bunnykins said...

Happy July 4th!

Boy, I wish I could quilt or had the patience to learn. That pig apparently is a sign of good luck as you have to be lucky to catch a pig (and fast.) I used to give my superstitious Scottish mother a marzipan pig in her Christmas stocking for a prosperous new year.

Sam said...

Going to try a few of these quilt squares. But the Irish girl and pig - Phrezzzz!
A shamrock, a clover, a Celtic cross would have been better.

Bunnykins - some quilt squares are the perfect thing to learn to use a sewing machine. My grandmother had me make a 9 patch quilt on her sewing machine. I learned to hate her ruler and seam ripper because my seams were not straight enough. Now i am grateful that lesson.

Shay said...

Then there's the old expression of skepticism "I should hope to kiss a pig."

Bunnykins said...

Oh, Sam - sounds like my grandmother checking my embroidery stitches and the way I started and finished my work so it was neat front and back. I really should make a scrap quilt as I have at least a bushel of red and white scraps saved for a Canadiana quilt (some day.)