Tuesday, January 15, 2008

25 Motif Challenge - edging

This little edging is something that was produced during an idle moment watching my least-favorite football team’s well-deserved trouncing on Sunday. It is not original, in fact I’m sure I probably saw a version of it in one of my WWI-era Priscilla or Anna Valeire tatting books. Can’t think of which one right now!

I’m still fooling around with learning a drawing program so here are the instructions in narrative. For the record this was tatted in DMC #20 with a size 8 extra-fine needle.

Ring1 3-3-3-3

Chain 4-4-4

Small Trefoil Ring1 3-3+ (first P in R1) 3-3

Large Trefoil Ring1 3+ (last P in STR1) 3-3-3-3-3

Small Trefoil Ring2 3- (last P in LTR1) 3-3-3

Chain 4-4-4

Start again with Ring1, 3+ (middle P in STR2) 3-3-3

This will probably get tatted to the length of 8 inches and then another strip will be tatted, joining the first strip at the middle picot of the large trefoil ring. Run a piece of velvet ribbon through it and we have a bookmark.

By the way, you can download the Priscilla tatting books (and many others) from the
Antique Pattern Library.

(note to self; iron the darn thing next time).


T-Mom said...

OH NO! Guess what? I do needle-tatting, too. This is getting really spooky! *lol*

(Beautiful work, btw!)

Shay said...

The Corsican Sisters!

Anne said...

Now I understand why you asked me if it was handmade lace!! You are so clever... it's beautiful I love it. I live in a region known for its lace. Lace from Valenciennes, Caudry, Calais and so on. But it is very expansive and use in Haute couture... not for me ;o((
Is it done with a needle? Bravo.