Saturday, January 26, 2008

By Popular Demand

Several readers (oh all right...three) requested that I post the directions for the hat that goes with this sweater. Here it is, verbatim.

“For the hat: Begin at center of crown with a chain of 5 stitches, join.

1. Nine double crochets (d c) in ring.
2. Three tr in d c, working in the back of st, ch 2, miss 1, repeat, making 6 groups of tr.
3. Make 5 tr over 3 tr, 2 in 1st and last and tr in tr between, with 2 ch between groups (working always in back of st, so that a rib is formed).
4. Like 3d row, 7 tr over 5 tr and sp over sp.
5. eleven tr over 7 tr (2 tr in each of 1st and last 2, and tr in tr between), ch 2; repeat.
6. Like 5th, 15 tr over 11 tr (2 in 1st and last 2, and tr in tr between).
7. Eight tr in 8 tr, ch 2, tr in same tr with last and 1 in each of 7 tr, ch 2; repeat.
8. Eight tr in 8 tr, ch 2; repeat.
9. Nine tr over 8 tr, ch 2; repeat, putting the widening tr in 1st of 8 tr and last of 2d group of 8 tr, in same section.
10. Eleven tr over 9 tr (2 in 1st and last), ch 2; repeat.
11, 12. Same as 10th row, increasing 2 tr each group
13. Seven tr in 7 tr, ch 2, miss 1, 7 tr in 7 tr, ch 2, repeat.
14 to 23. Seven tr in 7 tr, ch 2; repeat.

“This completes the crown of hat. Procure a wire-brim hat-frame of any shape desired, gather the edge of crown by running a length of yarn through the last row and sew to the head-size wire, first covering all the circular wires of the brim with doubles, closely. Wind the connecting straight wires with the yarn, carrying it around and around until the wire is completely covered, then fagot-stitch the space between the circular wires. Catching your needle (threaded with the yarn) into a double on one wire, cross between wires in a slightly slanting direction, put the needle through a double on second wire, cross the space and first thread, put it in opposite, point toward you, and repeat.

“Trim the hat with a cluster of yarn ornaments to match the sweater, making these more or less elaborate, as desired. Three balls of the yarn will be required for the hat, with a little black for the ornaments.”

The ornaments appear to be circles of cardboard with holes in the center, with the yarn wound round and round as if for pompoms, but not cut. Please be advised that I do not crochet and although I have proof-read the above instructions, I may as well be proof-reading Thucydides in the original for all the comprehension I can muster.

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Annie said...

WOW - this is the first PERIOD hat like the ones that I design (in knit and crochet)


(I live in a bungalow, too! Some call it a semi-bungalow, some call it a super bungalow...)