Saturday, January 12, 2008



NurseWilliam said...

Hello, Shay.

I just wanted to stop by to thank you for the insight and wisdom you have brought to my blog through your comments. Your presence is precisely the reason I created my spot in the first place. I am honored to have you as a guest.

On another note- I have a great big Maine Coon who tends to see the world as her own, and she allows us to live in it. She's a hoot. What breed is your kitty?

Warmest regards,

Nurse William

NurseWilliam said...

Oh, and by the way- I do counted cros-stitch. I took it up when I was a Merchant Seaman. You know, the usual stuff: lighthouses, ships, nude women (just kidding). Do you do counted cross-stitch?

Shay said...

Thanks--and I hope I did not come off as snarky or kneejerk (as I sometimes do).

Frankly, as a female, reading about that guy made my flesh creep. Eeeew, as my teenage nieces would say.

I know a lot of guys in the sea services do/did needlework of various kinds. I've been to sea 2x, the longest for four days, not long enough to get bored, but it was easy to see how quickly the novelty would wear off and the boredom set in.

When I was a teenager I spent three years in a Slavic dance troupe (this was Detroit, remember) and we made our own costumes. I spent the better part of a semester doing waste canvas cross stitch on a Ukrainian blouse that seemed endless at the time.

Now I only do cross stitch when I need to cover a stain on a shirt ;-)

Shay said...

Oh, and the Drama Queen is a Hemingway Cat (if you want to be fancy) and an inbred polydactyl calico barn kitty (according to my vet who has an extensive country practice).

The extra toes come in handy when she's disciplining the dog.

SierraMoon said...

may I join in ?! ;P

SierraMoon said...

with the kitty, I mean !!!! double ;)

Shay said...

there's pleny of room as long as the dog stays off the bed!