Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Only a Flesh Wound, Officer

Me: Look, honey; here’s an Internet quiz on what kind of dog you are!

He: Mmf.

Me: Let’s see now….oh, you can’t believe these things, they’re too ridiculous. This says I’m 42% Saint Bernard--

He: Mmf.

Me: And 42% German Shepherd—

He: Mmf.

Me: And 16% Jack Russell Terrier. That’s silly! Why do you suppose they think I’m any percent Jack Russell Terrier?

He: (softly, but not softly enough) Yap, yap, yap…..


Amy said...

ha ha ha ha ha that's classic! Have you got the link to that quiz?

Shay said...


Anonymous said...

That sounds like someone who needs a time out in the dog house. Snarky man!

GDad said...

Tee hee.