Sunday, November 30, 2008

Es Hat Geschneit!

(Family joke. Will explain later).

Babyface has never seen snow before.

Funnyface is acting blasé since he is one and a half and this is his second winter.

Reserve Cat set the record for the thirty-inch dash when I opened the door for him this morning, and refuses to go back outside.

And the Drama Queen of course knows that this is all my fault. Left click for a close-up of that glare.

(For twenty-six years we lived in the same school district and attended the same schools with the same teachers. All of us – at least until my youngest sister kicked over the traces and announced defiantly that she was going to study French – took at least two years of German. The German department at the High School was ruled by a Viennese lady of unknown years and known habits and as sure as God made little green apples, when the first snowflake hit the ground in December, the German II class obediently sat down to write an essay titled “Es hat geschneit!” It has become a family catchphrase).


Posh And Trendy said...

LOL my German grandfather had worse words to say when it snowed.
I don't blame the cat for not liking the snow :)

Bunnykins said...

Schnee, said as it looks (sshnay), and the perfect word for snow. Sounds like a sneer.

Poor puppy. He looks so confused.