Friday, November 14, 2008

Here kitty, kitty

Another reason I am glad we have a separate entrance to the basement: the spousal unit came up behind one of these l'il fellas before dawn today. I sent him down to the shower in the laundry room with a bottle of white vinegar and instructions to scrub himself and everything he was wearing before he came back up.

(I drawed the pitcher all by myself, in case anyone can't tell. It's actually from a sketchbook I took to Louisiana when the Red Cross sent me down there after Katrina. Two of them used to come out after dark and poke around the dumpsters by the Red Cross headquarters).


Anonymous said...

I hate skunks.. that smell is very hard to remove. When I was a kid I got sprayed and my mom made me take a bath in tomato juice.

GDad said...

Is that pencil or a charcoal stick?

Shay said...

I think it was a charcoal pencil.