Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sewing - a Wrap from 1923

Another vintage gift idea -- a bedjacket or wrap to make from a square of material. This is an advertisement for the pattern, but I don't see why you'd need one! Fleece or a heavy sweater-knit fabric would have the necessary drape and "give" for this wrap.

Left-click to enlarge, or download from my Flickr account, here.


GDad said...

I love it. I would so totally wear that while watching teevee or reading.

Shay said...

in albatross or in heavy silk crepe?

Su said...

I'll definitely be making this one
to wear in my frigid office.
I think a soft, warm fleece for me!

Shay said...

Snyone know what 'albatross' is, anyway? Besides whot hung 'round the Ancient Mariner's neck?

GDad said...

I don't know what albatross is, although I suspect it's white, so I'll choose the silk.

nancy said...

Shay (and everyone)

Here's what i found on Albatross cloth -
Albatross A Lightweight, Plain Weave Fabric Traditionally Of Wool Or Wool Blends With A Napped, Fleecy Surface . So Named Because The Texture Resembles The Breast Of An Albatross. Usually Light In Color- Used In Infant's Wear , Sleep Wear.

This is from http://www.narrow-fabrics-manufacturers.com/glossary-of-products.html

Hope that helps.

Shay said...

Thanks, Nancy...that sounds like it would be perfect except that I'll bet it had to be hand washed. Synthetic fabrics have spoiled me.

Anonymous said...

I did link to this post on my blog, when I get the shrug made, I'll send you a pic. If you mind, let me know and I'll remove the link.