Monday, December 1, 2008

Even More Kitty Nonsense

(their combat dispersion is terrible. No wonder the cat got them).


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! LOL I loved that.
When my son was a teenager he use to make movie strips like that.. he would love seeing this one.

Anonymous said...

I was focusing on the artistic aspects of the film and you were focusing on the combat tactics! Of course you would! Much fun. Thanks for posting it.


Miss Kitty said...


OMG, that is HILARIOUS! I'm sending it to the Colonel right away. When my cats are getting on his last nerve, he'll shoo them away and say, "Move out! Draw fire!" :-P

Shay said...

Gigi, I've gotten a lot better, but when I first left active duty I was pretty "standard issue." The local Methodist minister asked me how I liked central Illinois and I told her it looked like good terrain for armor but too open for infantry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I can just see the look on her face! It took me a long time to diffuse from my job of many years as well.


ancolie said...

Thanks for sharing! very funny !
ancolie from France