Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bandits at 10 O'Clock

Spousal unit was coming back from walking the kids tonight when he called me to come out and look; four baby raccoons were huddled in the shadows in front of the door to St. Joe's, across the street. They scooted off around the corner of the church as we watched.

We're guessing they came from one of the big maple trees in Father Carl's back yard, but the question is, where's Mama?

(photo from About Animals of our Planet).


Amy said...

awww maybe she went to get takeaways for dinner?

GDad said...

Inside, praying?

Shay said...

Outside, preying.

Packrat said...

Oh, watch your kitties. The dogs tangling with mama won't be good, either. They are cute, but can be so dangerous.