Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Greatest Generation

Miss Lace 1
I had to go to the veteran’s hospital last week--oops, sorry, it’s the VA Medical Center now.

First let me assure everyone that I’m fine, I have simply decided to ask Uncle Sugar, officially, if he’d like to cough up some cash for any of my little active-duty orthopaedic souvenirs (I regret that I have but one sacroiliac to give for my country).

The lady who took my history and went over my records sent me to the main building for x-rays, which is how I wound up flat on my back on an ice-cold metal table, clinging to a skimpy hospital gown and what was left of my dignity and listening to someone in the waiting room belting out “You Are My Sunshine.”

The singer turned out to be a tiny, frail old man, cocooned in blankets on a gurney. He either ran out of breath or verses, because by the time I reclothed and got back out there he had stopped singing and was flirting madly with a nurse.

(more Male Call on Dan Thompson's site).


Anonymous said...

LOL you are so funny

Appalachian Woman said...

Good luck! We went this week - my husband is getting hearing aids. WE traveled only 60 miles to the hospital - everyone was really polite and helpful - my husband was so nervous, Vietnam Era Vet, he was in Thailand and didn't want to take anything that should go to someone that was in Nam. They said - Mr.... you are going to get hearing aids - what an incredible relief!
Hope you have the same kind of good fortune and good experience we have had so far!

By the way - I really enjoy your blog!

thank you, traci

Shay said...

My experiences with the VA healthcare system have been positive. At their best, they're awesome; their worst, they are at least as good as any civilian health-care providers I've been to.

GDad said...

Dignity is overrated.

Glad you're OK.

Md Razu Ahmed said...
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