Sunday, November 15, 2009

De Agony of De Feet

(no, these are not my boots. I'm not that old).

We held our fourth mass vaccination clinic in eight days at the University basketball arena today. What is it about the sight of a syringe that makes healthy adolescents keel over? There were four Cornfedton Fire Department EMTs lounging in the bleachers behind me keeping up a faintly bored commentary.

"The pink one by the garbage can; she's going down, she's going, she's gone!"

"Kid in the red t-shirt with the nurse, he's---OUT."

It was like being in the Coliseum and listening to bets on which Christian the lions got next.


Anonymous said...

LOL too funny
My DH passed out when he got a blood test for our marriage license.

Sam said...

At least they were THERE and not home goofing off. Although it does sound rather gruesome...

Packrat said...

Hopefully, today you can sit back with your feet up. You can catch up on other stuff later.

Lydia said...

Good heavens, I want those boots so much it *hurts*. unf.