Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, Come On!

Driving home tonight, I passed two houses with their Christmas lights up.



There was Christmas music playing at my grocery store this past Sunday. So glad I don't work there.

Anonymous said...

Its bad enough when the stores push the Holiday let along the general public.

Packrat said...

I've read a couple of blogs where people have talked about putting out their Christmas stuff. We know lots of people who put up their lights on a nice day, but that doesn't mean they'll turn them on.

Our town has a lighting and decorations competition which is judged the weekend after Thanksgiving. That means that almost everyone takes down their decorations Christmas night or by the next weekend. So sad. Strange, too, for a predominately Catholic town.

We're the odds ones. We put up our decorations fairly close to Christmas Eve and leave them up into Epiphany.

Amanda said...

I drive by a house on my way home that has had Christmas lights on since two weeks before Halloween!

My husband and I have a rule, nothing Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It's bad luck. Drives be nuts, so I try to stay away from the stores.

Sam said...

Why can't we all enjoy the moment of "NOW". Like "now" is Thanksgiving. I used to work retail & would turn off the holiday music. I think Dec. 2nd is early enough for that stuff. Grrrr