Sunday, January 31, 2010

Calvin Lives

A few days after the blizzard earlier this month, every house on the next block woke to find a snowman on the front lawn…so placed as to be staring accusingly through the living room window when the homeowners opened the drapes in the morning.

I suspect the teenagers who live on the corner and some of their friends. Darn kids.

(Wish I’d thought of it first).


TypsTatting said...

Didn't know there's a rebel about you!!!!! Imagine that a wicked snowman staring at you!!!!!

Knitting-twitter said...

.. you can still go and spray them..haha.. the artistic rebel..have a great week and all the best from Switzerland.. Christa

Amanda said...

Clever little buggers. They're as big of a rebel as I am :)

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

I wish something cool like that would happen to me! I'd buy those kids lunch or something.

Calvin and Hobbes was the greatest comic strip ever. I actually mourned its passing. No exaggeration. The Snowman House of Horrors strips were my absolute favorites.

Packrat said...

How cute! Great kids if that is the worst they do. :) They at least deserve a cup of hot chocolate. Bet they were cold by the time they got done.