Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does The SPCA Know About This?

(Overheard at the hair salon this morning)

Stylist #1: ….his grandmother gave him a hamster.
Customer #1: Has he been wanting a hamster?
Stylist #1: Hell, no. It could have been worse, she was going to get him a lizard.
Customer #2: I’d rather have a lizard.
Stylist #2: Yeah, they’re easier to kill than hamsters.


Amanda said...

Horid! Some people need to keep their mouths shut

Packrat said...

How awful! If they don't want it, give it away! Can you whisper in the owner's ear or change beauty salons?

anniebelle said...

I think they meant that it's easy for a child to kill a hamster (which unfortunately, it is) but still, being glad for that? Sigh.


Shay said...

I interpreted it as a statement from someone who had experience in the omygawd what did Gramma give him this time department.

Sam said...

Let's be real here. Grandparents, unless they live in the same house as the child, SHOULD NEVER give pets as gifts. Because the overheard conversation will always come true. But I'd ask the salon owner if I could put a donation box in for the local animal shelter.