Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Noon-Day Breakfast for the Swagger Set

From Breakfasts and Teas; Novel Suggestions for Social Occasions.

"The following is an excellent bill of fare for a noonday breakfast:

Little Neck Clams
Cold Wine Soup
Angels on Horseback
Chicken Patties
Newberg Lobster
Green Peas with New Turnips
Grape Fruit Sherbet
Broiled Birds with Orange Salad
White Custards
Cannelons with Jelly
Strawberries in Cream
Black Coffee

For a simple repast for a few persons, two relishes may be omitted, only one entree being served; then the sherbet, the birds, and one desert, with coffee; this combination would make a most acceptable small breakfast."


Miss Kitty said...

"Noon-day breakfast" meaning "brunch?"

Whatever the meal, this menu sounds delightful. [wistful sigh]

Packrat said...

I was laughing so hard, it made the dogs bark. :O While this sounds delicious, who is going to cook it? "Not I," said the pig.

Shay said...

Never mind who is going to cook for it...who is going to pay for it?

Packrat said...

Shay, very good point. "Not I," said the Miser... lol