Friday, May 28, 2010

What's In A Name?

There is a very nice middle-aged lady one county over whom I occasionally meet on a professional basis. For some reason her parents gave her a name that by rights should only belong to an ecdysiast. Think "Fifi LaFox" or something similar.

She's a pediatrician. I assume she did it to spite them.

(Seriously, I obviously can't give her real name, but if you saw it somewhere you would probably think she was headlining this week down at the Kit-Kat Club).


Packrat said...

Poor woman.

We really do need to be careful what we name our children because other children and even adults can be so cruel twisting the meaning and/or picking nicknames by association. We also need to pay attention to the initials spell or are acronyms for. (Bad sentence.) I'm not explaining this very well.

It can be bad enough to get nicknames because of physical traits, but then add on the burden of a goofy name...

Sorry, not lecturing. Just saying.

Lady Anne said...

I used to go to school with a young man named Donald Wann. He now goes by "Doc".

Shay said...

His parents have a lot to answer for.