Saturday, September 18, 2010


(I'm thinking of printing this out and hanging it on the door of my office. Since the county won't let me use claymores or concertina).


Ana Luisa said...

Claymore as in the animated series? I just started watching that series, it's awesome!
What's "concertina"?
Nice blog, thanks for sharing!

Shay said...

Claymore as in anti-personnel mines and concertina as in military barbed wire.

I'm a terrible person, you can tell by my frame of reference.

Packrat said...

oh, that claymore. i thought you meant a sword. in the wrong hands, even the musical concertina could be a weapon of torture.

Shay said...

In the right hands, the concertina is a weapon of torture!

Sam said...

What about a mace? Can you use that (Large iron ball at the end of chain attached to a cudgel).