Sunday, September 26, 2010

First, Make Your Marshmallow

Marsh-mallow Paste

Dissolve 1 pound of clean white gum-arabic in one quart of water; strain, add 1 pound of refined sugar, and place over the fire. Stir continually until the syrup is dissolved and the mixture has become the consistency of honey. Next add gradually the beaten whites of 8 eggs; stir the mixture all the time until it loses its thickness and does not adhere to the finger. Flavor with vanilla or rose. Pour into a tin slightly dusted with powdered starch, and when cool divide into squares with a sharp knife.

Toasted Marsh-mallows

Tie a string on the end of a cane or stick, fasten a bent pin on the end of the string, and stick the pin into a marsh-mallow drop. Hold the marsh-mallow suspended over an open fire and let it gradually toast. When it begins to melt and run down it is done.

For a small party toasting marsh-mallows will be found quite a merry pastime, and a great many persons consider the candy much better for being thus cooked the second time.

The American Girls’ Handy Book, by Lina and Adelia Beard, 1893.

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Packrat said...

Gum-arabic - try to find it. lol

As far as I'm concerned, the only good marshmallow it a roasted-over-the-campfire one. (I really don't like homemade ones. ooo-uck.)