Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crochet - A Teacup from 1951

From Workbasket magazine, February 1951, a crocheted teacup, plus a bonus project! A hotpad made of rubber canning rings wound with yarn (my hat is off to anyone who can figure out to make it).

On my Flickr account. Includes instructions on how to stiffen the teacup with sugar syrup, not recommended unless you live in an insect-free environment, like maybe the space station).


mattenylou said...

Wow, that hot pad brought back memories... it was one of the first crochet projects we made in 4-H back in the 50's.

Our leader got a lot of our patterns from Workbasket, reading your blog is a trip down Memory Lane...lol.

I look forward to your posts, thanks!

Packrat said...

Does anyone even make the rubber rings anymore?

Somewhere in my stuff (Christmas box?) there is a crocheted teacup with saucer. I have no idea how old it is.

Lidian said...

Wow, that seems like a lot of work (for me, anyway!) - and then when you're done, what exactly do you do with it?

Put it in the fridge, I guess, if it has been marinated in sugar syrup.

I LOVE Workbasket, I have a couple from the 60s and they are so great :)

nancyc20 said...

I had (operative word)some gorgeous crocheted placemats that looked like the design in the cup and saucer inherited from my mother-in-law. I loved them until I opened the drawer and found moths and worms eating the sugar-syrup that they had been starched out with. gag. I washed them and they became limp dishrags!