Thursday, December 2, 2010

She Cringes When She Sees Us Coming

Thing 1 and I have invaded the finance administrator's office to find out if we can spend county money on a Santa Claus costume.

She (covering her face with her hands): Why don't you two ever ask for anything normal?


Anonymous said...

then, she needs to do this:

as posted by our registrar
trying to get obnoxious
faculty to cooperate
a sharon

Packrat said...

What is abnormal about a Santa costume at Christmastime? lol

Shay said...

You'd think she'd be relieved. The last thing he wanted to buy was a billboard.

(I love this kid. He has raised thinking outside the box to an art form. I have to rein him in sometimes, but better that than having to boot him in the butt).

Sam said...

As long the Santa outfit is not in sequins or lights up, what's the problem? And who gets to wear it?
If you are renting it, spray the inside with Lysol first...