Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Virtue Never Goes Unpunished

I nominated one of my team for Big Flat County Health Department Employee of the Year, and wrote an absolutely magnificent (if I do say so myself) citation for her.

I just found out that I was nominated for Employee of the Year, too. I lost. To my team member.

There’s a lesson here somewhere, if I can just figure out what it is.


Sam said...

You had the better English Teacher who made you write essay after essay. The person who nominated you, while admiring your skill set, must not have had a memorable English Teacher. Otherwise you would have on, Hands Down!

Can we ask Thing 2 to make you a lovely crown? Thing 1 can carry your coffee for you.

Packrat said...

You said it: virtue. Sorry you lost.

beadntat said...

Sounds to me like you were the real winner. It isn't very often in health care, nursing in particular, that a someone goes out of their way to take the time to eloquently praise in detail the efforts of a co-worker. Most folks can't be bothered to take the time. They don't really care. I know because I have been both a witness and a recipient of such generous acts (or the lack thereof). It's clear the *you* care -- a lot. You both win!

GDad said...

I think this song captures the mood.

Miss Allen said...

Merry Xmas, Shay -- you always make me laugh or cry when I read your blog -- sometimes both at once. Happy New Year to you and your family!!