Sunday, December 5, 2010

"What Kind of a Party Shall I Give?"

An advertising pamphlet for Keith’s Bread, issued in 1939 by the Quality Bakers of America. The recipes, as might be expected, lean heavily toward sandwiches. Here are some suggestions for a bridge party that will include the menfolk, thereby mandating the presence of something more substantial than cucumber and chicken salad.

Three-Decker Sandwich

18 slices buttered toast
2/3 cup mayonnaise
12 slices cooked chicken
12 strips crisp bacon
4 medium tomatoes
Salt and pepper

Place a piece of lettuce on a slice of buttered toast. Spread lightly with mayonnaise and arrange slices of chicken on it. Cover with another piece of toast. Place lettuce, mayonnaise, bacon, and thin slices of tomato on this. Season with salt and pepper. Cover with third piece of toast. Trim crusts and cut in triangles or finger strips. May be garnished with radishes, pimiento, green pepper, or olives. Makes six club sandwiches.

Cheese Marmalade

1 loaf bread
½ cup orange marmalade
1/3 cup grated American cheese

Spread thin slices of bread lightly with butter. Soften cheese and blend with just enough mayonnaise to moisten. Work smooth. Spread 1 slice of bre3ad with cheese and another with orange marmalade. Put slices together and chill. Cut into tiny finger sandwiches if desired. Makes approximately ten whole sandwiches.

Moscow Canapes

Slice off the bottom of a round rye loaf and slice the loaf into large circles. On each round slice, place a circle of caviar in the center, then a circle of chopped egg moistened with mayonnaise, then strips of smoked salmon. Cut in sections like a pie and serve.

Boston Bean Sandwiches

Mix ½ cup grated cheese, 1 can Boston baked beans, 1 c up white sauce. Heat in a pan until the cheese melts. Serve on portions of toast as open sandwiches.


thecuteone said...

Well the cheese marmalade certainly sounds interesting!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous cover. Not sure if I'd eat any of the sandwiches.

Shay said...

Yeah, it's the peek-a-boo hair-do that gets me.

Anonymous said...

What is white sauce....and I love the illustration you use for yourself. It's grand.

Shay said...

White sauce is Bechamel.