Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Like This Woman

The county sent me to leadership training yesterday. All damn day. I shared a desk with an RN from one of our neighboring counties. She appeared to be in her late fifties and was dressed from head to foot in varying shades of pink. The instructor, a mildly obnoxious individual, was droning on about leadership styles, the "coercive" model in particular.

Mildly Obnoxious Instructor: So while the coercive model of leadership seems to be the answer in certain settings, it really doesn't work.

Lady in Pink: It does if you know pressure points.


Sam said...

OH! I like the Lady in Pink TOO!!!
She sounds like a pip to work with!

Miss Allen said...

Never underestimate the power of pink!

Ladytats said...

love it, she sounds like a good person to know.

Shay said...

I noticed the men in the class treated her with a great deal of respect.

panavia999 said...

HoooWaHaHAHAHA! I hope I can use that phrase sometime on the job.