Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Cool Cookery

The spousal unit left with his brother the village animal control officer for a trapping convention in Missouri so I am batching it briefly this weekend.
Lunch yesterday took advantage of a bowl of cold cooked red potatoes, from our garden, naturally. I suppose you could call it a Greek Potato Salad if you wanted to.


1 T. mild vinegar (I used Japanese rice vinegar)
1 T. sugar or other sweetener (this works well with Equal)
2 T. mayonnaise or salad dressing OR 1 T mayo, 1 T. plain yogurt
Pinch salt

Mix the dressing in the bottom of a bowl with a fork until smooth. Add 2 cups diced, cooked leftover potatoes, ¼ cup pitted Greek olives, 4-6 mild banana pepper rings cut in halves or quarters if large, and ¼ cup diced roasted red pepper. Enjoy.