Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One of The Things I Love About My Job

My county-issued cell phone rings.

Me: Big Flat County Bioterrorism and Emergency Response Team, this is Shay.

Caller: WHAT?

Me: This is the on-call number for the county Bioterrorism and Emergency Response Team. How may I help you?

Caller: Um...never mind. Hangs up.

(When I check the caller ID number against Google, it's a bill collection agency or a telephone solicitor. This happens at least once per month).


Jenerators said...


Shay said...

Better than Ernie.

museumgirl said...

Love it! I think I'll start answering my phone that way!

Sam said...

What a way to start my day! How to confuse the dickens out of someone.
Way to go Shay! Yeah, I know it was not intentional but it sure did work.

Shay said...

I'm a rotten person, but I really enjoy this.

GDad said...

I have recently made anatomically unlikely and theologically unsympathetic suggestions to unsolicited callers on my cell phone.

I feel bad that some of them are simply taking a job to feed themselves or their families, but come on.