Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Question Of Degrees

Me: Gawd, it's hot! I don't think it's cooled down one bit this evening.

He: Yes, it has.

Me: From 94 to what?

He: 92.


Packrat said...

So sorry you've had to endure the heat and humidity. I was complaining about 88 degrees today with a lovely breeze. Husband came home from a job to tell me it was twenty degrees hotter where he was so that it felt cool here.

Ladytats said...

he he, sounds like here 10 days ago.
tonight is is actually getting cool. and the high today was only 84, so you have cooler weather on the way. now if it would just quit raining. the river a half mile north of the house is running over the road again. for the 4th time this year. washed out the road this spring and while it ran over the road a couple more times, didn't wash off the gravel, tonight it is not only running over the road, it is washing off the gravel, road will be closed tomorrow, and for some time to come. it is August for heavens sake, should be combining wheat.

Sam said...

In August, even 2 degrees is welcome. Here in CT, we should get our heat wave in about a week, it stays in the upper 90's for 2 weeks or more. The humidity is the kicker. Plenty of lemonade and fans. How are the critters doing?

Karen Minturn Brown said...

Hot and humid here in Detroit, too. Can't be pleased; too cold in winter, too hot in summer. I'm staying indoors and grateful for AC!