Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Only Nineteen More Crocheting Days Until Christmas

And there's a lovely 1935 Spool Cotton Crochet book posted at Purple Kitty. Hotpads, doilies, edgings, purses and a blouse. Get cracking.


Ron Scheer said...

Thanks for the tip on William Patterson White. I started on this project of reading early westerns a couple years ago and still keep coming across writers who are not in the usual reference books. White is just outside the period I'm working with, 1880-1915, but I will for sure download him for my nook.

Alfred Henry Lewis I do know. His Wolfville stories are hilarious and wonderfully told. A very rich source of western palaver.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your retro and vintage images dovetail with my own interest in turn of the last century.

Ron Scheer said...

P.S. I've read an early collection of animal stories by Patullo, which are not humorous. I'll be sure to look for his later fiction. A review of HANDS UP is coming tomorrow at BITS.