Saturday, October 6, 2012


Currently residing in the dog crate in the (locked) sewing room, are a cat and four kittens.  We're taking care of them until they are old enough to be adopted out.  None of them have names yet, but I am resisting the urge to call the white female kitten "Snowball."

Mamma was picked up in a trailer park.  She is small, quiet, pretty, and has the manners of a gentlewoman in reduced circumstances.  Someone, at some time, must have had her as a pet.  One of her paws got crushed somehow and we have to administer an oral antibiotic twice daily, an ordeal to which she submits with calm patience. The spousal unit has been admiring her.  

The Drama Queen, who is not small, not quiet, and not pretty, has been in a sustained, Olympic-caliber snit, a snit beyond which all other snits pale in comparison, ever since our little furry guests got here.  I'm almost afraid to fall asleep at night.


tokeberry said...

Oh how cute. We cared for three orphaned batches of kittens and four adults in the space of ten months. We agreed to volunteer as a family for two local rescue groups, and wow! Done and done :)

Sam said...

Good for you to foster this feline family. But I too would be carfeul about sleeping with Drama Queen. I fostered 1 mama and 3 babies - made sure to Purell my hands every time I left the nursery because of fear of retaliations. But bravo to you and the Spousal Unit!

Shay said...

Reserve Cat is avoiding that end of the basement and has hissed (!) upon catching sight of one of the babies.

He's such a sweetie but he is a tom (or rather an ex-tom) so it might have been expected.

Packrat said...

Oh heavens. lol Bet the kittens are just darling.