Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Down, One To Go

The spousal unit came downstairs this evening, festooned with kittens, and announced that he had names for three of them.

The little white female is Ghost (I suppose it's better than Snowball).  The other female is Rebel "because she's grey and white and she's always doing what she's not supposed to."


The black and white male is Cochise, which I gather was the name of Little Joe Cartwright's pinto. I'm taking that on faith because we weren't allowed to watch Bonanza when I was growing up.  It should be Geronimo -- when we put them on the bed to play, he heads straight for the side and flings himself over.

That leaves the timid little grey tiger striped boy, whom I have been calling Percy because he's such a wimp. Brian doesn't care for that.  He says Percy is no name for a cat.


Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Uh-oh--in our house, names mean adopting out is less and less of an option! Lol! Blessings, Sharon

Sam said...

Oh boy are YOU in trouble! Naming them gives you part ownership. Actually it gives Spousal Unit that title. Percy is a fine name!
Percy Grey Smoke, Percy Shadow, Percy the Great...pictures?

Anonymous said...

We bottle fed 4 orphaned kittens this year - named them all, and they are all adopted. We found good names for all of them (Lucy, Simon, Ash) except the grey tiger - We ended up calling him Tiger, and his adoptive family kept the name!Maybe you could call him Percy the Tiger...

Cally Chester said...

If you're going with horse' names how about Silver?

Bunnykins said...

The two grey tigers I've had both ended up being called Leo. Not original, but not Percy, either. I like Percy. It's my mother's middle name (she was supposed to be a boy.) How about Tosh?

Kathy Niklewicz said...

You weren't allowed to watch Bonanza?!!

Shay said...

Kathy -- we weren't allowed to watch anything except The Wonderful World of Disney (not even the Mickey Mouse Club. As far as my father was concerned, an hour of tv per day was far too much). By the time I hit my teens the Detroit public TV stations were showing Masterpiece Theatre and if my father approved of whatever was running, we could watch that too.

Otherwise the television got turned at 10pm so my parents could watch the news and then turned off.

I started babysitting just so I could watch television on Friday and Saturday nights.

I never did get the TV habit. I didn't own one until I acquired one by marriage, and to this day I can count the number of hours of TV I watch per month on the fingers of one hand.

Anonymous said...

I named my shy grey cat Whimpy Doodle. He was very sweet, but got hit by a car when he was about a year old. In the next litter, there was a very shy and retiring black kitten, so I also named him Whimpy Doodle. Well, he grew up to be a very smart, mellow kitty. Great hunter. He's no wuss, but he refuses to fight unless he absolutely must. He stands his ground, but he'd rather snuggle or hunt. He brings me dead things all the time. So sweet!
I took in a very nervous half feral cat. I named her Nervous Nerville. She had kittens. She is super sweet and calm now. It's true that having kittens sometimes improves a cat's personality, but then you've got kittens, so it's hardly a recommended trade-off.
Anyway, one kitten is all red with tiny amount of white on each toe. (Like a french manicure.) I named him Tip-Toe. There is a tortoiseshell with a red splash on her face, so I call her Pansy. There are two solid red kittens left and I can't tell them apart yet. So far, I call them Red1, Red2.
They are so precious, tiny fluffy little purry bundles. But when mommy cat brings them a dead mouse, they are tiny growling hissing little predators.

panavia999 said...

We weren't allowed to watch Bonanza or much else but old movies or the news. My mother decided even Disney wasn't very good. I've seen Bonanza on the retro channels and I didn't miss much, but compared to the garbage now, it's a masterpiece.
"I Love Lucy" re-runs were absolutely forbidden. My parents thought it was derivative crap and why would any man put up with such a stupid wife? The nut fell close to the tree because when I did see Lucy shows as an adult, I just couldn't see why anyone would like that "Lucy" character. Lucille Ball was certainly on to a money maker there!
My parents loved the Smother's Brother's and send us to bed so they could enjoy it by themselves. They really looked forward to our bedtime so they could talk about whatever they pleased. Family time was over, after 8PM it was *their* time.
I have no problem with that, but now a days I think that would be considered bad for self esteem or some other silliness.