Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Best To You Each Morning

What a feeble and decadent country we have become, breaking our fast on cold cereal, microwaved burritos, etc. when we should be following the example of our forefathers (mothers?  Somebody had to cook this stuff) as laid out in Breakfast Dainties, by a man named Thomas Jefferson Murrey.

After the fruit, eggs, muffins, potatoes and other trifles, Mr. Murrey gets right down to business.  Below is a list of suitable breakfast side dishes for which he offers recipes.


Artichokes (French)
Artichokes (French), Fried
Chicken Croquettes
Chicken, Devilled
Chicken, Fried
Crabs, Soft-shell
Fillet of Sole; Sauce Tartare
Hamburg Steak
Hominy Fritters
Kidneys, Sauteed
Lamb Chops with French Peas
Minced Turkey with Poached Eggs
Mushrooms on Toast
Mutton Chops with Fried tomatoes
Oysters, Broiled
Pork and Beans
Reed Birds
Salt Codfish, Broiled
Sardines, Broiled, Sauce Tartare
Smelts, Broiled
Smelts, Fried
Steak, Tenderloin; Sauce Bearnaise
Steak, Sirloin; Sauce Bordelaise
Tomato Sauce
Tripe with Oysters
Tripe, Lyonnaise
Veal Cutlet, Sauce Robert

Boy, if that doesn’t make you want to go out and do something heroic, I don’t know what would.  Mr. Murrey has four cookbooks available on Project Gutenberg; his work on curry dishes is awful.


GDad said...

I saw this and thought of your site.

I haven't seen anything here really recently that is that similar, but some of your material from a little while back aligns closely.

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In other words, dinner leftovers are a perfect breakfast. I agree!