Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

We are in a meeting to plan an appreciation day for the front-line staff.  Since it is September, the theme is heavily into pumpkins, apples, turning leaves, etc.

Committee Chair:  ....and the games will include duck pond bingo and a pumpkin toss.

Me:  By "pumpkin toss," do you mean Milt* is going to let us build trebuchets on the roof and fire pumpkins at the courthouse?

Committee Chair:  By "pumpkin toss," I mean we will be trying to toss plastic rings over pumpkins.

Me:  (wistfully)  It might be fun, trying to take out one of the sheriff's deputies while he's outside on a smoke break.

Head of HR:  I think we need to send you for evaluation.


anniebelle said...

You know, even if you had never mentioned you or the spousal unit being in the Marine Corps, I'd have guessed it just from this post! LOL!

Shay said...

The Marines phased out the trebuchet a long time ago.

I still remember my arquebus, though.

anniebelle said...

Not just that but (same as with Himself) your obvious love of things that go boom or cause chaos and confusion.

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children is right! (Which is part of their charm actually...}

Shay said...

It is a love we share with our sister services.

Me (discussing with head of environmental health the in-service on meth labs and explosives I'm going to be teaching our sanitarians): But I had to promise not to actually blow anything up.

Asst Director of Environmental Health (ex-Army, walking past the office): We're blowing stuff up? I'm in!

Sam said...

I think both of your ideas have great merit! Blowing things up is fun but ring tossing a Big Wig is even MORE fun. Thanks for the laugh.

Karen Minturn Brown said...

I like your idea better!

Anonymous said...

You're right. Trebuchets ARE a lot of fun.
I play with a medieval-recreation group, off-and-on, and we DO lob things at the Brass Hats [literally - that's what many of the crowns are made of] on the mock-battlefield, tho our projectiles are made of tennis balls, denim-covered foam rubber and the like, so less potentially lethal than pumpkins. Also less messy.)

Shay said...

And if I could hit a deputy center-mass with a well-rotted pumpkin, they'd be more than fun.

They'd be awesome.