Monday, September 16, 2013

Vintage Magazine Covers - Collier's, July 1944

From one of the hundreds of old periodicals on this website.


Miss Allen said...

"Interesting" juxtaposition of the little singing patriots and the headline underneath "Allah's Oil". Things never seem to change, do they?

Bunnykins said...

Missed the "Allah's Oil". Hmmm.

I was just looking at them as the kind of apple cheeked child that we used to see, back when kids were out playing in the fresh air all day, every day until it was time to come in for supper. Can't do that now in the city I live in with too much traffic, not enough space set aside for children of all ages, and predators lurking - which we've found out the heartbreaking way. Someone needs to invent a job where a person or two is assigned to supervise children during the day - outside- somewhere where they can run and make up their own games instead of always being pinned down by organized sports and rules. There aren't any children out on the street alone or in groups where I live any more, not for years, and yet it's one of the safest NA cities. At least they're still allowed to play street hockey and ride bikes (after they're a certain age.)