Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Embroidery - Making Run Net Curtains

Embroidery on net for curtains (and probably many other applications as well).  From Ladies Home Journal, September, 1922.  Enjoy the gentleman in the natty nightshirt!

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Bunnykins said...

I have a number of embroidery patterns for running stitch patterns to be done on clothing, dating around the 1920s when long, straight and rather uninteresting dresses were in fashion. They were for dressing up hems, the edges of sleeves and vertical patterns on the upper edges of the fronts of wrap dresses and the like. I bet you could use those as inspiration for this kind of netting. Is this net darning? It's a great place for anyone who doesn't know how to embroider to start as you can get a result that looks like something without a lot of work, like those cross stitch on gingham patterns.

Thanks for this! The book I have for embroidery on net is a lot more complicated than this and the netting a lot finer, so not as easy for a novice to pick up and try. Bet this would look nice for a nursery or little girl's room if done with a narrow ribbon instead of the plain thread my book recommends.

Shay said...

This looks like net darning. But you're right, the patterns could be embroidered on any straight edge.

Or even used for trapunto.