Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Am Woman, Hear Me Scream

I was sent home early by the Red Cross due to what may...note I say may...turn out to be a torn medial meniscus.  I'm back at the office, sitting with my foot propped up, when our singularly clueless senior staff member wanders in.

She:  So, how bad is it?  Can I see?

Me:  (Obligingly pulling up my pants leg over my swollen and squishy knee) It feels kind of like a water balloon.

She:  That looks awful.  (Jabbing it with her finger.  Twice)  Does it hurt?


Ladytats said...

some people just don't get it. Sorry to hear you are injured. I hope it heals quickly

Bunnykins said...

Twice? (shouting) twice?? Why didn't you slap her?
A lady wearing those old fashioned plastic boots over her shoes with huge pompons attached to the toes got on a crowded city bus downtown with us one afternoon. Everyone stared at the pompoms. Turned out she had had foot surgery, was well enough to walk, but didn't want anyone touching her feet. How about a "Keep off the knee (or else)" sign to give people the hint? Hope you have enough pain killers and something to keep you from limping (say hello to sciatica) as one problem is enough.

Sam said...

I hope your scream curdled her coffee. I mean REALLY??? "Does it hurt?!?!"

Are the foster kittens getting an turkey on Thursday??

Shay said...

I came very close to bopping her one with my cane.

She really is a purple and an orange shy of a box of crayons. Maybe a black, too.

Shay said...

Sam, I took the kittens back before I left for Red Cross duty. What with the trap line and school and a few other things, Himself didn't feel up to taking care of them.