Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Clanton Gang Had Better Watch Out


Big Nose Kate


(Doc wouldn't hold still long enough to get his photograph taken). It is probably not necessary to point out that Her Majesty is seriously ticked off with me.


PepperReed said...

Big Nose Kate!! <3 kitties... but I have 4 (yes, 4) adult cats, including a 17 yo Queen who's kill me with the lazers from her eyez, if we added to the herd. Have fun getting nothing done (and sleep, you won't likely get much of that either...)

Bunnykins said...

Awww. At least she who must be obeyed will let you bring other cats and kittens into the house without literally trying to kill them as my 35lb farm cat and Queen if there ever was one would. She even attacked me one year at Hallowe'en when I tried on a headband with cat's ears that I was making as part of a costume. I'm down to one 15 year old ginger forever kitten as his brother and my little dog both got sick and had to be put down the past two years. I miss them so and the house is much too quiet.

Oh to have a houseful of little squeakers, razorsharp nails and all. Have fun!