Tuesday, February 25, 2014

1940's Sewing - Some Winter Hoods

Left-click to enlarge.  My notes say I pinned this from a website called www.fabulousfrenchvintagepattern.com, but when I trace the link back I can't find the pattern. #555 looks like it would be easy to recreate from a square of jersey or (unauthentically) polar fleece.


Ladytats said...

my mother made those for me to wear walking to elementary school back in the late 50's kept me warm, as I didn't get cold air down my neck.

Bunnykins said...

These look to me like something out of that 50s(?) magazine called Smart Sewing but with a French flair. I watched part of the opening ceremony for the Olympics just to see what the French team was wearing this year for the initial march into the stadium as they always have the most stylish uniforms.
Thanks for this! Such great ideas: practical and pretty.

Shay said...

One would expect the French to have the most stylish uniforms!

I have about ten Smart Sewing magazines, in more or less ragged condition. I've posted several patterns from it to the blog, have you seen them?

(I love that magazine. If someone were to dig out the copyright and a complete run and put it on CD, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Same with old McCall's Needlework & Crafts).