Sunday, February 16, 2014

When Lunches Were Lunches and Giants Walked The Land


“As much care is needed in selecting and preparing the food for the lunch box as for the other meals served to the family.  If the lunch is inadequate or lacking in food essentials throughout the year, the individual’s whole nutrition will be seriously affected, and his work will suffer.  The lunch box is one of three meals, not just a “snack,” and should possess the following characteristics:

1. It should be abundant in amount for a hungry, healthy individual.  A little too much is better than too little.
2. It should be chosen with regard to nutritive needs of the individual, and in relation to the whole day’s food.
3. It should be clean, appetizing, wholesome and attractive.

Food Selection Plan

Plan it the day before.  Select from the following one food from each group.  Make the lunch box bear its full share of responsibility for liquid as well as solid nourishment.

MILK, in food or drink.
BREAD, enriched or whole grain in sandwiches.
MEAT or cheese or eggs or fish.  In sandwich fillings, salads or hearty main dishes.
FRUIT, at least one.  Whole or in salads or desserts.
VEGETABLES, at least one, in sandwich filling, salads or in hearty main dishes.  Use leafy green and yellow vegetables, and use them crisp and uncooked often.

Plan to have leftovers for the lunch box.  Meat loaf or pot roast that will make good sandwiches, sliced cold.  Gingerbread or stewed fruits.  Don’t specialize in starchy foods.  Always include some kind of surprise such as; Whole tomatoes in season, radishes, celery, carrot or green pepper sticks, pickles, olives, dried fruits, nut meats, or cookies.

Keep in mind the season of the year in planning menus.  In winter have something hot and invigorating in the thermos bottle: Hot soup, coffee, tea, baked beans, hot chocolate, or stew.  Something cool and refreshing in the summertime, such as lemonade, tomato juice, fruit juices, chocolate milk shake, milk, iced tea or iced coffee, canned fruit juices.  And do not forget the straws.”

Ruth Berolzheimer, The American Woman’s Cook Book, 1948.  Next week:  suggested menus.

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