Sunday, February 23, 2014

When Lunches Were Lunches, Part II

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Continued from The American Woman's Cook Book, 1948.

"Be sure to include crisp, crunchy vegetables that will give the meal some contrast.  In a packed sandwich lunch, texture and flavor are of great importance.  Sandwiches have a tendency to be soft and too easily become soggy.  Pack lettuce separately, to be added just before eating.

The men in the family will prefer spicy condiments and sauces on their sandwiches, while the school child will like a mild, more delicate flavor.

Plan for milk in every lunch box you pack.  If in doubt whether milk can be bought or will be bought at work or school, send milk along in some form in food or just cold or hot milk in the thermos bottle.  Use evaporated milk in cooking if at any time fresh milk is scarce.

All too easily lunch box meals fall into a set pattern.  it is only by the most careful planning that a lunch box is appetizing and has variety and balance each day.


Cream of Spinach Soup
Egg Salad Sandwiches with Lettuce
Raw Vegetable Strips
Apple     Cup Cake

Peanut Butter, Bacon and Lettuce Sandwiches
Cauliflowerets     Carrot Sticks
Hard Cooked Egg
Gingerbread      Grapes

Cream of Tomato Soup
Ham Sandwich with Mustard and Lettuce on a Bun
Celery       Olives
Fresh Pear        Cookies

Oven Baked Beans    Catchup
Boston Brown Bread Sandwiches
with Cream Cheese Filling
Cole Slaw

American Cheese Sandwich with Catchup and Lettuce
Tossed Vegetable Salad
Dressing (in container)
Cake       Orange

Beef Stew       Pickle Relish
Bread and Butter Sandwiches with Lettuce
Whole Tomato       Crisp Radishes
Fruit Cup (in container)
Hot Coffee

Mrs. Berolzheimer directs her readers to the sandwich recipes found on page 131.  Some of them are lulus, and I'll print them next week.

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panavia999 said...

When I was a kid, it was always a banner day when mom put a peanut butter, pickle and onion sandwich in my lunch. When I was 10 yrs old, she also gave me her lunch box from when she worked as a telephone operator: Red plaid, with a red plaid thermos. She gave me hot tea in the thermos.
To this day, peanut butter, pickle & onion is still on of my favorite sandwiches - I alse found it in an old 1940 cookbook. So it's a classic.
Peanut butter and horse radish is also a brilliant combination. I came across that one day when I was trying to think of a way to zing up peanut butter and saltines.