Saturday, January 24, 2015

Location, Location, Location

In the management staff meeting one of the topics of discussion is finding a new place for the breast-feeding room, which is currently in a space we need for files storage. We occupy the bottom three floors of our building and space is at a premium.  A number of places are reviewed and rejected when suddenly --

Immunization Division Manager:  I know; that little room down in the STD clinic where you store all the condoms.

Acting Head of Communicable Disease Division:  That would work, if we rearranged some of the shelves.

Assistant Administrator:  So, we'll put the new breast-feeding room in the condom room then?

Me (giggling madly):  Oh, the irony.

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Bunnykins said...

Hmmm. It's a little like the giggling old nuns who ran the ultrasound in the hospital where I had my DD. They put (nice) anti abortion, anti birth control posters on the ceiling over the ultrasound table. Theirs were nice, all happy smiling babies and mothers, not the gruesome stuff. The message came sugar coated.

Perhaps there's room for a few family planning/disease prevention brochures, too?
I think it's a hoot - as long as you don't get one of those always looking for an argument types in there.