Sunday, January 4, 2015

Recipe For Disaster


1 long snowy afternoon


1 large yellow cat

Mix with:

1 knitting project


8 balls Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush (@ $8.25/ skein)

(Optional: 1 $80.00 vet visit).

(Kitty pic from Pepere le Chat)


Lady Anne said...

Do we send the Get Well cards to you or the cat?

Shay said...

Fortunately I was able to prevent ingestion -- I *think* of more than a tiny scrap of the alpaca. I'll be watching the letterbox with, as they say, bated breath.

Why does he ignore the bin of chain-store acrylic and head straight for the good stuff with the single-mindedness of Harpo Marx stalking a blonde?

Shay said...

"Litter box.". Damn you, autocomplete.

Bunnykins said...

Is this an orange guy thing? The only cat I've ever had who munched yarn, string or anything like it, sometimes while I was knitting, was my little orange guy.

I sure hope he's OK.
I used to keep my yarn, including the ball in use, in zip lock bags to keep him away from it.
Meanwhile, nothing like slobbered on yarn. yecch.

Lady Anne said...

Actually, Shay, it's better that he doesn't go for the acrylic. Natural fibers - wool, cotton, linen, etc. - will dissolve in gastric juice, but polyester and acrylic don't. We used to have a cat that would get into my sewing thread and swallow miles of the stuff.(Three surgeries to remove approximately 35 yards each time.) She also swallowed a needle and thread, and the vet said the needle would just poke a hole, but the thread would cut through the gut "like a wire through cheese". I'd think knitting "wool" would be too thick to do that kind of damage, but it still wouldn't be nice.

Shay said...

And here I thought he just had expensive taste.

Sam said...

He does. As do my Maine Coons. I can only wear baby alpaca fibers that my sister loving knits for me. But keeping those fur balls off the work in process is damn difficult. Could be worse - think rubber bands hanging out the backside...

tattrldy said...

Oh, my. I hope he is okay. Litterbox watch doesn't sound like fun, either.